Website Security for E-Commerce Businesses Essay

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1. Before starting any E-commerce business the owner have to make sure that his/hers website has all kind of security systems which provide absolute safety for customers and the owner himself. Nowadays, online robberies have become the most common. Every single day, hackers attack thousands of web sites in the hope of a good profit. among the most important elements of the protection should be as following: • Security Hosting supposed to include Bandwidth (to maintain E-commerce traffic), a large Disk Space (to be able to place more products and store business and customer’s information), Firewall (supposed to be strong in order to reject any external threats), 99, 9% of all security system updates (to be sure that your website is fully …show more content…

• Company’s ethics – is probably the most important aspect in e-commerce. The owner of the e-business has to determine roles of each employee and decide who gets access to what. ________________________________________ 2. Business-to-Customers (B2C) – is a type of business when companies/ firms offer some particular products or services to their potential customer. This e-commerce business can be risky because unknown businesses committed fraud. They steel customer’s personal information and might use is in inappropriate way. Business-to-Business (B2B) – when companies deal with other firms and companies such as retailer stores of row material suppliers. Business-to-Government (B2G) is a type of business when a firm offers its products or services to another firm or company. For example a Security Software Company offers its products to the Government or any other large organizations. Customer-to-Business (C2B) is a type of business when a signal person offers his/her services or products to different companies. As an example, an independent accountant offers his services to a firm for performing audit of any other financial analysis. Customer-to-Customer (C2C) is a type of business when one individual sells or offers his/her services for exchange of money or any other products and services. For example, people sell their old stuff though the kijiji website; or even garage sale might be seen as a

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