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Webuwrite Academy Conflict “One of the tenets of this book is that all conflicts are about two issues: power and self-esteem.”(Hocker,J.L. & Wilmot, W.W., 2014). Thought, interpersonal relationships, and knowledge form our mental image of how we view or regard ourselves, consequently how view ourselves determines our conflict engagement method. Personal power, as it relates to the authority, control and the influence we exert in an organization, is also a predictor of our conflict engagement method. From our text, we can carefully conclude that our self view and perceived organizational influence contribute to our participation in conflict.
Attributes of organizational conflict are poor communication, misaligned values, conflicting
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The second conflict is between Brad Hayes and Jill Kaplan-Zuckerman. The third conflict is between Meera Agarwal and Alvin Lim. The fourth conflict is between Meera Agarwal and her feelings about Angela Camper. The fifth conflict is between Tyler Sanchez and Melanie Michaels, and in a larger context, his feelings of powerlessness.

Brad Hayes, VP of Marketing and Jill Kaplan-Zuckerman, VP of Course Development

Brad is verbally aggressive and makes very little effort to be polite, or respectful. He has a superior view of his position and the power he welds. Brad insulted every department with the exception of Jill’s; by implying it was not necessary to possess good writing skills to perform the other functions in the company. In the private confessional, Brad revealed that he was comfortable being disliked, stating that he is purposefully blunt. He conflict style is destructively dominating and does not invite collaboration, but rather a winner take all approach that is polarizing. Jill is a good friend of the CEO, and may be employing the technique of appearing accommodating or obliging, to retain status through this link. She understands that she plays an integral role in the company, because she essentially is responsible for creating the company’s only product, creating well-designed instructional course that meet the prospective clients need. Her passive-aggressive approach, or avoidance of having a direct confrontation with Brad fuels their
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