Weekly Meetings are Not Successful

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Most employers are often tasked with conducting weekly meetings to increase employee awareness.However, only 56 percent of their meetings are actually productive and that 25 percent of them have been replaced by a phone call or a memo. A ubiquitous reason for an employee’s lack of interest in weekly meetings is information is presented in a mundane manner, and employers tend to deviate from important topics. In this case,One has noticed there has been an increasing amount of problems pervading the work environment at the software company I currently oversee.One can deduce my team’s weekly meetings are inconsistent and ineffective; there are breaches in communication between myself and the employees; Lastly, employee insubordination is becoming and office norm. These anomalies affect our team’s readiness, work efficiency, and cohesion. As as supervisor, It is important to address these issues in a neutral tone and in a cordial manner.In addition, one should remain assertive during his/her admonishing; consequently, employees will more effectively understand insubordination is not tolerated in the work place. There have been many instances in which one attends a team meeting to i assess project assignments, instead the conversation drifts to a discussion about last night’s game winning 3-point shot. Weekly meetings progressively become more inconsistent and ineffective.The three most frequently reported problems with meetings are getting off the subject, not having an

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