Weight Loss Programs That Didn 't Work For Me Essay

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1 Three Weight Loss Programs that Didn 't Work for Me Two of Them May Work for You Many people who are overweight will pay any amount of money for the hope of losing a lot of weight in a small amount of time. There is always someone else waiting to take that money and make unrealistic promises in return. The trick is to find a program you can endure long enough to lose the weight. These are three I couldn’t stand. Curves For Women First of all, Curves does work, just not for me. This was a personal problem, but it’s not possible that I am the only one who feels this way. While I was working out at Curves, the trainers, many of whom were overweight but hired anyway for their willingness to make a sales pitch, would hang out in the middle of the circuit and talk to me about absolutely nothing while I worked out. I could not even wear headphones because the program depends on being able to hear a voice coming out of the speakers every thirty seconds to tell you to change stations or check your pulse. I did not have a workout buddy because I wanted time to myself out of the house; being a stay at home mom with a new baby at the time I found that time alone precious. Even though the gym fees were coming out of my bank account automatically every month, I avoided the place because I was so uncomfortable. Extroverts should learn to understand that just because someone is alone, it does not mean they are lonely. From a financial standpoint, even if you crave social interaction

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