Wendy 's The Third Largest Fast Food Company

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Introduction Wendy’s is the third largest fast-food company in the United States. They are one of the most successful and profitable hamburger stores in the world. Through this, the industry is in a quagmire. One company is going to break through and develop a technique in which they will be able to limit the expenses and increase profit margin while adding stores. The company hat is able to develop this first will be able to control the fast-food industry. Wendy’s has the ability to do it by acknowledging and planning to take advantage of their opportunities and attacking their threats head on. Political An opportunity for Wendy’s to grow would be economic integration and alliances. What they have done in the past is to integrate and for alliances with other companies outside the United Sates. Tim Horton which is one of their subsidiaries formed an alliance with IAWS group to build a state of the art bakery in order to produce the product they need. Through this, they were able t share the expense and gain from the profits they are making. Another big opportunity for them is to expand into major markets that are stable. Currently, they have very few stores that are in Europe which is strategically placed. They have settled their 6,500 stores in locations that have a lower income. This results in the increase of sales because the lower the income the more propensity the people have to eat fast food. The biggest threat that is facing the company in regards
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