Essay on Westlake Lanes Case

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Westlake Lanes: How Can this Business Be Saved? Professor: Dr. Jonathan Lee 75-498 Section 2 Submitted By: Mukund Gokulka Identification of Issues: Westlake Lanes have been facing major problems in their business and was in a critical stage. Shelby Givens, the newly general manager appointed by the board is concerned whether she could bring back this business to profitability in a year’s time. After her 9-month tenure Givens bought the business back to profitability for the first time in two years. She was still worried whether the business at this rate could payback the loans owed to their board members and after analysing it competitors Givens comes up with alternatives in order to payback its board.…show more content…
Inimitable: The location of the business, Goodwill and the employees contributes a lot to the inimitable factor of business. Many large corporations are willing to pay high prices to get an availability of land for their offices and employees who are easily adaptable. Since many employees of the business were hired during the starting they are very loyal, have low wages and are easily able to adapt to changes to the business when compared to employees hired late as they have to be given training on how the business runs, higher wages and can be considered to be downtime and increase of cost for the business. The business lasting this long has to certainly grow its goodwill through the years by its customers are some of the Inimitable factors of this analysis. Non Substitutable: The location is the most important internal resource here as most of the companies and MNC want to take the advantage of the location resource as their whole business depend on it. Renting or leasing huge space in downtown is very expensive today than 30 years ago. So having a bowling alley in the downtown this long is of great advantage for both customers and the owners as they could expect all types of different age group and families accessing their services. Exploitable: The longevity of the business surely helps to gather important information of customer choices, wants and necessities. Westlake could exploit their customers by analysing
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