What Are Er Alpha And Pr Receptors?

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1. Both ER alpha and PR receptors are intracellular. They are found in the cytoplasm where they are associated with heath shock proteins. To begin the hormones estrogen and progesterone are released during puberty, where they cross the plasma membrane and enter the cell. Once the hormones enter the cell they bind to the receptor, which leads to the dissociation of HSP protein from the receptor. Once the receptor is activated, it goes into the nucleus to the DNA, where the hormone receptor binds to produce the response. The response of ER alpha and PR is sexual development such as breasts getting larger.
2. HER2 is an oncogenic growth factor receptor, which belongs in the human epidermal growth factor receptor family. HER2 exists in …show more content…

6. Luminal A is the subtype in which the breast cancer is ER and/or PR positive, and HER2 negative. Luminal B is the subtype in which the breast cancer is ER and/or PR positive, and either HER2 positive of negative. Basal like is the subtype in which breast cancer is ER and PR negative, while also being HER2 negative. HER2 is the subtype in which the breast cancer is ER and PR negative, while being HER2 positive. This is usually successfully treated with therapies that target the HER2 protein. Depending on the expression of the receptors, different treatments such as radiation, surgery for removal of cancer, chemotherapy, and hormonal therapy can be used.
7. Some treatments are affective for some subtypes and not for the others for many reasons. Influences such as your genes, age, sex, or health can always influence how well a treatment is going to work for your body. Most types of cancers and diseases have treatments that will be specific to its patient.
8. The same treatment is not used for all types of breast cancers because these cancers differ in many ways and will respond differently to treatments. There is no known treatment that will help all four types of cancer.
9. BRCA1 and 2 are tumor suppressor genes. Both BRCA proteins are used in cellular processes such as DNA repair, regulation of transcription, and maintenance of the genome. Some genes they regulate are vital to cell growth, repair, and death.
10. BRCA 1 and 2 are

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