What Are The Benefits Of China's One Child Policy

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Derek Saldivar
Period 4
Mr. Martin

I strongly agree with the rule that China has made to the One Child Policy. This rule can help change the overpopulation with humans, it could even open up more jobs for people in the future, the children that are being born will most likely have big social impacts as they grow older. China’s one child policy can help lower the population of people since we’re already overpopulated, and it’ll affect everyone in the future probably. This policy will also be able to help with the social impacts the future citizens will have from being an only child. If a child is born as an only child with this law, then they should be happy. They will eventually inherit everything without needing to share, …show more content…

China is still one of the most powerful nations in today’s world is facing one of the impactful major problems in the recent years which is overpopulation. China’s population growth has always been a huge problem. In China, all citizens are being told that they are limited to the number of children they could produce. The government created a policy called ‘’ One Child Policy’’. The full requirement for this policy is to completely control the amount of population growth in China, if China doesn’t start controlling the population growth, the China will suffer with their poor economy. The One Child Policy implemented in China to help combat the overpopulation is not the right way to take control over the population. This specific policy is affecting many women, forcing early abortion and also violations of human rights. It increases preference over males and even females, thus leading to way more bad health problems and abortion, punishing families with more than one …show more content…

China is the most populated country containing over 1.2 billion people. China’s full population growth has increased exponentially in the last few centuries, rising from around 65 million people in the early 1400s to 150 million in 1600 to 583 million in 1953 and precisely 1.2 billion today. To improve the population crisis in China, the whole government must implement the One Child Policy. China needs some kind of outrageous strategy to control their population and resources, this policy has three main objectives: to advocate delayed marriage and child pregnancy, to achieve fewer and healthier births to allow one child per couple. These true restrictions are intended to help reduce the strain on food and other political and natural resources. It’s unfortunate that this policy restricts only urban couples to one child and allows rural couples a second child if their first child is a girl. If families have children legally, they are subjected to extreme and harsh punishment including jail time and torture. Since the beginning of this time, females were always seen as being very inferior to males in any evolving society. The females ultimate duty was to have children and take proper care and shelter for

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