What Are The Four Generic Conventions

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In a day in age where we live in a vast multimedia culture, content is supplied to us through distinct and diverse outlets including video, animation, audio, and text. Within these outlets comes more a defined set of media. Text is anything you can read which includes books, magazines, newspapers, and advertisements. Audio on the other hand is anything you can listen to which includes podcasts, music, and radio. Once you get down to these specific levels, a higher classification level is required in order to define, describe, and organize types of compositions. This requires genre which is a subcategory of media or entertainment that is established and defined by certain heterogeneous characteristics.
A movie is a video composition, however
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The first is genre elements, these are what the audience predicts or expects to happen when they experience a genre (Bedford 14). Since Game of Thrones is a fantasy genre, one might expect to see mythical creatures like dragons, a fight between good and evil, and the setting be in a mythical place like the two continents of Westeros and Essos. The second convention is style (Bedford 14). This is the way the genre is communicated through tone, voice, and academic sources. This occurs in Game of Thrones as it has a medieval style synonymous to the fantasy genre. The third genre convention is design (Bedford 15). This is how the genre is visually presented to the viewer. This includes colours, illustrations, format, and modeling. Game of Thrones utilizes a muted and dull color pallet in their presentation and a very distinct font which the viewer comes to expect from a fantasy. The final genre convention is sources (Bedford 15). This is what the authors or creators of a particular genre utilize for inspiration or are influenced by. For Game of Thrones, the authors probably took inspiration from classic fantasies like the Lord of the Rings trilogy in creating their own fantasy…show more content…
The character Melisandre is a red priestess under the Lord of Light who uses both genre specific aspects of magic and supernatural forces. She has the ability to use fire magic, perceive visions, is immune to poison, and can resurrect people. Other supernatural forces in the show come from the many gods that societies put their faith in. These include the Faith of the Seven which is the dominant religion in the seven kingdoms, the drowned god, the old gods of the forest, the many-faced god, the storm god,, and the god of the sea. Mythical creatures also appear in the show, some pertinent to the plotline. These include giants, dragons, harpies, ice spiders, snarks, shadows, wights, and the Children of the Forest. Ancient Legends are also a complication for the seven kingdoms as White Walkers, a mythical race foretold in ancient stories, are inching closer and closer to traversing the wall and wreaking havoc upon the seven kingdoms. It is told they slay everything in their path and turn their victims into reanimated corpses to become their
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