What Are The Independent Variables?

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1. What are the independent variables in this study? What are the dependent variables?
ANSWER: The independent variables in this study is treatment & gender. The dependent variables in this study are worry & emotion.
2. Why is a factorial MANOVA appropriate to use for this research design?
ANSWER: A factorial MANOVA is appropriate to use for this research design because there is more than one independent variable, each independent variable is discrete variables. The study has more than one dependent variable and each dependent variable is measured on a continuous scale.
3. Did you find any errors that the researcher made when setting up the SPSS data file (don 't forget to check the variable view)? If so, what did you find? How did you correct it?
ANSWER: Yes, there were coding errors made with measures. The independent variables treatment and gender need to be switched to nominal. The dependent variables worry and emotion should be scale.
4. Perform Initial Data Screening. What did you find regarding missing values, univariate outliers, multivariate outliers, normality?
ANSWER: There were no missing values within the dependent variables. The skewness and kurtosis are less than 1.0 on both of the dependent variables and the Shapiro-Wilks’ test: p value for both dependent variables are larger than .001. There is one outlier for the independent variable worry, but this needs to be inspected to decide if it is an error of coding, a possible example of a true value found in
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