What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Nestle

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What do you do better work than others in your industry? Examples for e commerce merchants be a selection of products and faster or cheaper shipping than other ecommerce merchants.
Do you make comparison-shopping easy and quick?
Ecommerce benefit forstructural advantage —lower operational costs than a brick and mortar store.
How to make business unique? Do you offer niche products not available elsewhere? Are they handmade or one-of-a-kind? [6 a] Internal factors that are favorable for achieving your organization's objective [7] • Have many return customers
Customer satisfaction.
• Do get some walk-in business
.Have many return customers. [8]
. Do get some walk-in business, industry or projects.
General Examples:
• A loyal customer base for a small business: small businesses are particularly fragile, especially
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Specific Examples:
• A wide product range for Nestle: Nestle’s large range of products means it has a much better chance to survive and thrive as a business, especially in tough conditions, as it is less affected by particular supply shortages or market movements.
1. A healthy brand image for Apple: many smartphones and tablets are capable of performing just as well as Apple products, and in most cases, boast the same functionality, but yet Apple remains the forerunner in mobile technology. This is because their name has a sense of quality and integrity associated with it, which draws in clients.
1. A well-made product for Shimano: Shimano are world leaders in producing complex bicycle components and accessories, and hold that position rightly thanks to their reliable quality. They produce products that work without any issues, at acceptable prices. This means that they produce the industry standard components in many premade bikes, and resultingly receive more
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