What Are The Two Levels Of Security?

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What are the two levels of security? Physical security refers to security from violence, starvation, and the elements. The minimal level of security comprises good government, economic development, and clean environment. What is the trend in interstate war (war between 2 or more states) since the end of WW2? Interestingly enough, after WW2 the frequency and intensity of interstate wars began to decline, and from 1991 onwards the decline has accelerated. Some possible reasons might owe to the level of massacre and potential nuclear wars. What is the security dilemma? The security dilemma explains that states with no hostile or aggressive intentions tend to improve their military capabilities because they fear from insecurity, which prompts other states to improve their militaries as well. Can war be overcome? How do the various theoretical approaches view this question? Realists argue that war is inevitable since states are always upgrading their militaries. Liberals argue that states will cooperate to achieve their goals affirming that democracies will never fight another democracy. Radicals state that war can be eliminated through a revolutionary change on the entire system. Constructivists argue that war is the result of individual’s perceptions of the enemy, if this perceptions are changed then war could be eliminated. When does a state’s foreign policy become more realist? Foreign policy will be more realist once states experiments a threatening from physical

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