What Company Do You Work For?

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- What company do you work for? ASML a Semi conductor material lithography. More info - How many years have you been working with them? 9.5 Years - Does the company vision excite you? The company vision is to make possible affordable microelectronics that improve the quality of life. Technology impacts life in many diferrent ways and aspects. From the medical fields to transportation, from entertianement to simple domestic devices. I believe that without technology this world will be exist with less excitement, efficiency. Technology has allowed Human to achieve bounderies beyong normal capacity; this the reason why I have been excited to help ASML in their vision. - Does your company promote cultural diversity or only skills and competences are the most valuable requirements regardless the gender, race, and/or religion? ASML promotes diver Supporting diversity ASML promotes diversity among its workforce. We aim to offer a fulfilling work environment for talented men and women of all backgrounds. We believe an environment in which people of different backgrounds work together and in which people encounter different ways of thinking enhances creativity and innovation. We follow an equal opportunities policy for recruitment, hiring, training, performance, assessment, promotion and remuneration, and do not discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, age, religion, political orientation, nationality or social origin. workforce Our workforce, which is spread over

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