What Does A Company Know How For Balance A Business That Is Both Profitable And Ethical?

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Introduction How does a company know how to balance a business that is both profitable and ethical? A great place to start is with leadership should having self-awareness and social-awareness. At times a company may put greed before addressing ethical issues. Therefore, understanding the emotions, attitudes, and the employees’ job satisfaction should play a major role in the company’s decision making. Trader Joe’s (2015) is a chain specialty food convenient store that was started in the 50s, and that due to employee job satisfaction, they had to make several necessary changes within the company. Trader Joe’s had to make these changes because employees impact the business, and meeting their needs will lead to a more successful company. Justice and Job Satisfaction “Trader Joe’s signed a fair food agreement with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), an organization of largely Latino, Haitian, and indigenous Mayan immigrants in low-wage farm work in Florida” (Lujuan & Knol 2012). This CIW agreement is a major movement to promote a positive work environment for these farmworkers. Even though, these farmworkers are not direct employees of Trader Joe’s, it has a major influence in the company’s performance and job satisfaction for the workers. The first way that this is a positive business decision that the company made is because even though, Trader Joe’s has to pay a small premium more for their tomatoes, this agreement commits them to purchase the tomatoes with an ethical
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