What Does Diabetes Mean To You Essay

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I was raised in an environment full of syringes and drugs. But not the kind that harm you, I was diagnosed with type one diabetes at the age of three. I always wondered, why me? Until one day, I found the answer i had been searching for. Me and my mom took a trip to mexico and while we were there we visited an old friend of my mom. She explained to me that diseases such as diabetes are the way that god manifests himself. I still fail to understand how that would work but i found comfort in that answer so i went with it. Sometimes i find it very overwhelming, then i stop and remember how blessed i am. Everyday i wake up i'm grateful for everything i have including my family of course. Growing up my father was mostly always around. He was always working when ever i would get home from elementary school. My …show more content…

After this my dad fell in a severe depression and of course started drinking more. Drinking was his escape it took his pain and worries away but for the rest of us it only doubled. My dad has yet to recover from this, he struggles a lot and doesn't even have a place to call his own home or a car. I wish he could come live with us but my mom put a restraining order against him. Although it really hurts me there is not much i can do about it. I'm just grateful he does not live in the streets, as long as he has a roof over his head running water and food then i'm ok. I wasn't the only child who also suffers from this. I have two older sisters who i am thankful to have by my side when life gets hard. They guide me through struggles and conflicts that i deal with on a day to day basis. Both of my sisters already graduated from roosevelt high school. And i am very proud of them for that. I feel truly privileged to call them my sisters. And last but not least my amazing mother. I always consider my mom to be the epitome of a blessing because that's how i truly feel about

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