What Does It Mean You Be Healthy? Essay

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Alvarez Gonzalez, an American with a wide knowledge of the population of the region. What does it mean to be healthy?
The state of healthy is when one enjoys a vigor of body, the mind or spirit.
What are some of the largest health concerns for this population? The main health concern is based on the physical activity. Many people can remain healthy if they participate on daily physical activities. This will help prevent the occurrence of certain diseases such as cancers, diabetes and heart diseases. Physical activities will help relieve depression or develop positive mood. The inactivity is usually accompanied by the advancing age and it’s important on the successful aging to have proper eating habits probably rich nutrients foods and go off the empty calories.
Are there any cultural rituals in health and healing? Healing traditions in our society plays a key role in sharing of common elements. In our culture some of the local fruits such as mango, papaya and coconut which are abundant in the area are widely used as antioxidant for facial ingredients and body healings. The sea water, sea salt and volcanic mud usually provide the ox foliating and detoxifying benefits to the locals for a long period of time. There are the African- themed rituals which includes mediation on the mountainous areas and the sea shores which are used as purification of rituals. At the rituals ceremonies the individuals are guided and blindfolded through a series of experiences which are

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