What Does Sociology Mean To Me

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I grew up in an average lower middle-class household where my parents’ beliefs and ideas strongly influenced how I lived my life. To my parents there was nothing as important as being Catholic and American but because of this I have grown up constantly having to defy their expectations; they were not appreciative of the fact I formed my own ideas about the world. I have had to fight extremely hard to be successful because in a small town inhabited by wealthy families and the military it is hard to be heard and to feel a sense of belonging when everything I stand for and my upbringing are such an anomaly to others. I come from a family where getting a job was always the endgame, but I decided to pursue higher level education. My family identifies as conservative and are religious, but I am neither, instead I care about people and the world and what I could be doing to help make others’ lives better over all else. …show more content…

I have experienced how my socioeconomic status can cause people to view me as a lesser human. I have had to exhaust myself to prove I am capable of contributing to my school, family, and community. I know what it’s like to be underestimated and overlooked, to not feel good enough because I don’t have enough money, because I’m not smart enough, because I don’t think the way I am expected to, because I have ideas and plans and want to do more with my life than anyone ever anticipated. I care about people and I can empathize with them because I know what it’s like to overcome obstacles, to beat the odds, to be more than what anyone wanted. I know how to live unafraid of others opinions, speak my mind and embrace every opportunity and have a unique perspective of the world thanks to my parents and

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