What Happens During The Sleep Cycle?

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Kaylee Hanke Explanatory/ Exploratory Essay Final 11/16/15 What Happens During the Sleep Cycle? Have you ever wondered what is happening while a person is sleeping? “Sleep is the word we use to define both a biological state and a behavioral state in which we are quiet and relatively unresponsive to external stimuli” (Larson 1990). Measured when sleeping, brain waves have been identified into several distinct stages. Everyone experiences four stages of the sleep cycle, including REM (Larson 1990). This topic really interested me because it is something that every human goes through and it cannot be eliminated from a person’s life. This topic really catches my attention because everyone can experience the effects of sleep deprivation and it does not just occur in one specific person. This topic is significant to me because my grandfather has narcolepsy, a sleep disorder. As I began my research, I wanted to discover more information about a person’s sleep cycle stages. I started with a general search on the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire’s library page. The general search engine referred me to a book titled, “Mayo Clinic Family Health Book.” The reliability is shown within the title itself. Mayo Clinic is a reliable source because it is one of the largest corporations that distribute the knowledge of many different doctors. The purpose of this nonprofit organization is to use its information to address and inform average individuals about medical care and

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