What I Have Learned At The United States

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What I Have Learned in the Course
My family immigrated to the United States three years ago so that the government of America I do not know much. However, I took Government course to have good knowledge in the United Sates this semester. Moreover, I have learned a lot of important things about government course, but today I will discuss the five most things I have learned this course. First, I can consider the beginning and growth of constitutional democracy in the United States. People consider the government admitting ownership policies and the rights such as freedom, fairly, vote. Second, I can learn the information of the federal system. Everyone thinks that they have power, so they can control anything in life. Indeed, the leader has good policies to separate these systems of the government like between the state government and the local government. Third, the government also has good policies to improve the country rich and strong. There are many different positions establishing with a special role in society such as public judgment, interest groups, and political partied in the political system. Fourth, I can see that the government tries to protect people’s freedom and autonomy. People must follow the government’s rule; they can ensure the rights of government. Also, they can have good benefits in life. Last, there are many parts in the policies; every part has extensive knowledge to hold their position. The public policies in the United States bring a lot of

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