What I Hope for My Future as a Manager for Behavioral Health Programs

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I am currently employed as Manager, Provider Relations for Behavioral Health Programs within the government services division of a large health plan in Tennessee. I’ve held related positions with various companies since 1996, with over ten years of that time spent in contracting and provider network development. I started my career in child welfare, but found the system to be too broken (and thus heart-breaking) for me personally to continue on that path. Moving to “the dark side” actually allowed me to use my undergraduate education, skills and talents to help improve the public sector service delivery system in Tennessee. There is still much more that is needed to ensure access to affordable, quality services, so my professional …show more content…

That said, I will know I’ve benefited from this class when I find myself applying information I have gathered from this course to these and other initiatives in a meaningful and progressive fashion.
During my major coursework as an undergraduate at Bethel College, I was fortunate in that my psychology professor encouraged and facilitated “thinking outside the box.” I’m reminded of his frequent re-phrasing of familiar sayings, such as “I know what I like” to “I like what I know” and his proclivity for analogies, which sometimes dominated an entire final exam. His approach in facilitating learning was painfully unfocused on teaching the material, but was very influential in fostering research, retention and applicability skills, all of which have served me well in my career. Bloom’s taxonomy offers more structure in its approach than what I have experienced in the past, which I appreciate, and the grading rubric clearly reflects that.
In her article on inspiring intrinsic motivation, Robinson (2010) writes:

Motivating circumstances are the circumstances or situations that stimulate achievement. This can include involvement, level of

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