What I Know About 7 Billion People

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We all know that there are about 7 billion people in the world, but each and everyone one of us have different or similar qualities. My friends have seen me go through many difficult obstacles and keep supporting me. I am strong because I can endure pain and sorrow; however, people that haven’t got the opportunity to know me can’t tell. Throughout the many tragedies I have faced I learned how to accept what has and will happen. I know I can change the way you view me and help you get through tough times from my experiences and what I’ve done. I always keep in mind the obstacles I face to ensure myself that I have the ability to surpass through any problems I may face. Last fall, I was attending Niles West High School and I had faced the biggest tragedy I’ve ever experienced. It was senior night and my last time playing football on the Niles West field. My parents weren’t able to make it last minute due to an emergency. I was really worried and kept thinking something bad had happened. My heart was beating faster than I’ve ever imagined, it felt like my heart was going to explode. My teammates told me not to worry about it and to focus on the game. I prayed to god hoping everything was okay. With, this on my mind I had to get ready for the toughest night of my life. Our coaches have been preparing the team for this game for a long time. We were playing our toughest opponents yet, Maine South. Our team hasn’t beaten them in a long time, which puts a lot of pressure on us

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