What I Learned From English Class

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What I Learned From English Class
All around the world people have to take an English course. The question many students ponder is whether you actually gain any knowledge from this course. Throughout the course of the past semester I have been much more enlightened on many aspects of life through attending the class of English II. The class has been so useful for me because it allowed me to learn many topics such as, the care and life of bees, the steps to creating a fictional story, and how to successfully win a court case.
The first point that I learned is how to care for bees and their influence. I learned this processes by reading the book, “The Secret Life of Bees,” written by Sue Monk Kidd and further increased my knowledge in class with discussions. The book taught me how to care for bees and what to do when their lives are threatened. If it wasn’t for my English class I wouldn’t realize their importance. As we discussed in class, I learned that bees are responsible for many things such as the food that we eat because without them 90% of the world would be deprived of fresh fruits and vegetables. For this reason it is important to care for bees. In class I learned that in order to keep them alive, during tragic times it is important to cover them with a dark cloth. Outside of school I have used this knowledge to be more gentle and amiable with bees because they are important. Before I would destroy the nest that they would make up on my front porch, but now I make

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