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Self-Reflection Essay
A reader is said to live thousands of lives before they die; a writer is the creator of those countless lives. As a result of taking the English 1A course, I have been given the opportunity to captivate my readers through learning the proper writing process. With every year of growth, students are expected to enhance their writing abilities and captivate their audiences while staying true to a prompt and a writing style. English 1A has helped me develop the essential skills I need to be a well-rounded writer. I know there is a great deal of knowledge left for me to learn, but this class has given me the basis for great development and growth. When we began the year in my English class we were assigned to write an essay that tells a personal story. One of the main criteria was to “paint a picture” with our words since we were being taught the descriptive writing style. I began my essay by stating, “The sky was quiet and the clouds held back their tears because an ordinary day at school would no longer be ordinary”. I wrote my essay about a traumatic and eventful time in my life when I was living in Palestine. To be able to transport a reader to a precise setting is what
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The prompt was to write about our favorite childhood place. My entry began with “If you were to sit crisscross applesauce in the small space on the floor between the fireplace and the wall, in one of my many childhood homes, you would still be able to smell the scent of fresh dirt lurking on the carpet floor”. This writing differs from the personal essay we wrote, despite both falling under the “descriptive” category. My writing notebook has a positive and joyful tone to it, in contrast to the darker tone that took place in my essay. One writing style can be manipulated into portraying different stories. Through using different tones each of these writings can appeal to different
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