What I Learned in the Eighth Grade Essay

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Throughout my academic life, I have learned many essential lessons from being organized, to treating others with respect. However, my 2013 eighth grade school year has taught me the most important lesson of all, team work. Team work is the ability to get along with others, and it's the central piece of being respectful to your peers and doing your part! As my eighth grade year began, my teachers have taught me that getting along well with others is a splendid way to gain great success. They also mentioned, "In order to get to the top, you must know someone to lead you there!" This memorable life changing quote made me think about how important teamwork is because without the method or ability to get along with others, you may …show more content…

This is a question I tend to wonder about when I'm stuck in a situation, and it seems to "shift" me in the right direction. Equally important, teamwork has taught me how to be a successful leader. Through team work I learned that some people are leaders, and others are followers, and that is okay! It taught me that I work well as a leader, and am good at giving people tasks. Working with other people can be difficult, but I learned how to overcome those obstacles and be a more exemplary person. Also I learned, through school, that by leading a team, I am working and motivating my group. To illustrate, a precocious girl is put with a group of her peers to finish a project. The girls group was extremely unmotivated and did not want to work on the project. The girl took it upon herself to give everyone an individual job, and inspired them to work. This is a prime example to show how teamwork and work to create a successful leader. Lastly, teamwork through sportsmanship has taught me to put in extra effort to get the results I want. Elbert Hubbard once stated “A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success. I’ve learned that in order to have a strong team, you need to put superfluous work. You cannot expect to get a maximum amount of results with a minimum amount of endeavor. Working with a team of people

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