What Is A Successful Manager?

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What is a successful manager? Is it one that can lead their company to thrive, or is it a manger that can rally the employees to provide quality work? A manager is a person who is responsible for supervising and motivating employees and for directing the progress of the company. A successful manager usually means happy employees and a successful company. The successful manager must possess certain qualities and skills in order to be successful. However, most people who are managers, have been thrown into a position with little or no training or experience. They come in to the company expecting a lot and find out that it is harder than they even could imagine. Many managers who are successful have certain important qualities, characteristics, education and training that make them who they are today. Some of the skills and qualities are to have strong communication skills, the ability to multi task, imagination, motivation, problem solving skills, and of course the desire to be a great manager.
Communication in any business or company in today’s society is critical and an important part of making or breaking that company. So one of the skills that makes a manger effective is the skills to listen carefully to what the employee is trying to say. “Great leaders understand that some of the best leadership

qualities entail listening to others with undivided attention” (Tracy). Many managers today communicate very little to their employees. The managers need to make

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