What Is Hypnosis?

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What is Hypnosis? Throughout history there have been, and are still many different perspectives and opinions of what is hypnosis, its uses and functions. In order to clearly understand what hypnosis is, one must look firstly into the history of hypnosis and the different concepts which have emerged over the years, from as early as 50,000AD to the modern day, throughout different cultures. After looking at the history of hypnosis, it will go on to describe the psychological and physical aspects of hypnosis, giving reference to Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta waves, the four different brain waves, indicating an individuals mental state, which brain waves comes in to play during hypnosis and its relevance. Graham Wicks’ (1985 Toronto’s…show more content…
“Hypnosis is the deliberate inducement facilitated by one person to another/others of a trance state”, (R Waterfields, Hidden Depths). Many people have been influenced by the media, some who are sceptical about hypnosis, and some who relate hypnosis to what is seen on TV, putting thoughts into the hypnotised individual’s minds causing them to do actions such as dance like a chicken, or hop around on one leg. However of those that understand hypnosis, know this is an induced mental state which allows you to access your subconscious. Nevertheless, today there is still no generally accepted definition of hypnosis, but it is accepted that hypnosis aims to induce a different state of consciousness, in which a person may appear to be in a sleep-like trance, they have a heightened focus and concentration, while blocking out other distractions therefore highly responsive to suggestion. Having mentioned all the above, a hypnotised person can at any time terminate the hypnotic trance, they make the choice to enter the hypnotic trance and have the choice to leave. They would never do anything against their values while under hypnosis and they can not be left indefinitely in a trance state; they would be brought back
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