What Is Multicultural Education

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E. Multicultural Education
To define multicultural education, Tileston (2004) presents different ways in which we differ from each other, together with race, religion, ethnicity, and gender characteristics. But to Greene (2003) saying that some of these differences are highly totally invisible at the other extreme but others is visible at one great. Nevertheless, it does not make sense to focus only in a visible site of differences but because the key point is to understand and acknowledge differences in students, be they invisible or visible. Moreover, multicultural education is an intellectual concept, a reformist movement and a process (Banks, 2009). Its basic idea is that all students have the equality of opportunities in education without being subjected to racial, ethnic, social class, or gender discrimination, An educational reform movement that aims to change the structure of educational institutions so that male and female students, exceptional students, and student who are members of diverse racial, ethnic, language and cultural groups will have an equal chance to achieve academically in school. In other words, it allows the school to promote educational equality …show more content…

It helps the teachers’ in critical decision making in order for them to convey social information overtly and covertly to their students. Also, it helps the students to develop their educational and social skills for them to fully participate in a larger society based on their individual styles, cultural orientations, and linguistic backgrounds. Thus, having knowledge of the different groups and lifestyles that is the main focus of multicultural education may reduce the fear of differences, the motivation for reaching beyond cultural, racial and class barriers rests on people's self-esteem and confidence, and eliminate cultural

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