What Is My Greatest Accomplishments

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From the first taste of accomplishment we go on to set new goals, and the goals we set aren’t only for the accomplishments and accolades that come with them- but most importantly for self-contention to be the best we can be, to be great. Well my first taste of accomplishment came from an orange sphere and a hoop as a child. On my 5th birthday, my old man brought home a basketball hoop, not knowing what it was, I was intrigued at first sight. Looking back, as an avid sports lover now, I can tell you that whether it had been a basketball, soccer ball, baseball, lacrosse ball, football, a punching bag, a pool, or a track, the first taste of accomplishment comes from the first pass, shot, goal, touchdown, hit, run, or leap, and from there you…show more content…
I really fell in love with the game and wanted to be the best, at a young age. After 10 years of being introduced to the game, I was play varsity basketball at Springford High School. My teammates were like family, and my coaches like second parents. I remember the preseason going into senior year, it was the most challenging time for me throughout high school, with deciding where I wanted to go to college, waiting on a basketball scholarship, at the time zoning in on the school record for points, and on top of all that our team was projected to contend for the Pennsylvania state title, something our school has come short of many times. There was one week left before the opening game, and a we we’re preparing for our first opponent-Norristown Area High School, the defending state champions. My teammates, coaches, and I knew it was a tough task, but as team we set out to be the best, and to be the best you must beat the best. We watched countless hours of film the week leading to the game, we we’re as prepared as we wanted to…show more content…
We lead through the first half of play 35-25, I had only scored 5 points but my team was winning and that was most important. We found ourselves in the fourth quarter up by two points, with 1min 30seconds to go I had 20 of our team’s points. Norristown was on a role scoring 10 unanswered points to put themselves back in the game. Our coach called a time out with one minute left. The plan was to get me the ball, for an open shot, coach drew up the play and we tried to carry it out. Our plan didn’t fall through and Norristown got the defensive rebound, going down the court to score 2 points on a toughly contested mid-range shot. It was our ball with 35 seconds on the clock. We tried to chew the clock and get a good shot off, and we did just that. I scored the record breaking basket with 7 seconds left. Norristown had the ball down two with very little time on the clock. We knew we just needed one stop. One stop and we’d become state champions forever. Norristown inbounded the ball and drove down court, we played them tight trying not to give up a three pointer. No points we we’re champions, 2pts would tie it and take us to overtime, 3points… well, 3pts would end our season, and we’d come up short on being the best. Only two seconds to go, the ball went up, off a deep three pointer. The hearts under every jersey, shirt and tie, and striped polo stopped for those two seconds. It seemed as if the ball was like a rain drop frozen in the
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