Operation Research Essay

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Question 1: What is Operations Research?
Operations Research is a scientific method that utilizes advanced analytical and mathematical techniques to create a system aimed towards making sure that available resources are used to their maximum potential and managing organized systems.
It is quantitative method through which problems are identified, represented in the form of equations to be tested and analysed to determine the most optimal system to use for decision making.

Question 2: History of Research Operations and what is its importance today?
The development and use of Operations Research was first recognized in 1840 when Charles Babbage, a mechanical engineer, philosopher, inventor and mathematician used …show more content…

Scheduling and management of airline routes and fleets.
IX. Automation of robotic systems.
X. Scheduling of orders in large factories.
XI. Marketing: determining packaging designs, promotion budgets and the optimal time to introduce a new product to the public, market research and risk assessment.
XII. Project management: allocation of resources such as workers, capital, time and machinery, scheduling and monitoring activities.
XIII. Construction of telecommunications networks.

Question 4: What would the world be without Operations Research?
Operations research is basically an analytical method used to create a system that is efficient in the use of resources and yields positive results at minimal expenses to the project owner. Without operations research to attain the same results as with operations research, the process would be time consuming, complex and may not even be able to attain the same level of accuracy and precision as the models and equations used by operations research.
As such, most systems and disciplines may not function to their fullest potential as scheduling of activities may overlap, systems may be slow and ineffective and risk assessments may be over or under estimated to mention a

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