What Is The Health Care Model Of Obama Care

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Health care in the United States is undoubtedly defective regarding covering any medical expenses of millions of americans. 25 million Americans have insurance that won't adequately cover their medical expenses. Around 643,000 go bankrupt and lose everything trying to pay their medical bills. 20,000 Americans die from not being able to pay for medical help along with not having insurance or having insurance that won't pay for anything. Undoubtedly, the United States need to make a change. The question is though, what model of health care should be adopted? With my understanding of several successful health cares from several different countries, Japan seems to be the best one in which we should follow.

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The US ranks 37 in the world for quality and fairness for insurance(Frontline 2009). On the other hand, Japan spends half as much per person than the United States does. Having an MRI done only costs 98 dollars which is more than a thousand dollars less than an MRI in the United States. Staying in a hospital room would cost about 90 dollars if you shared that room with ten other people. Overall, The costs of medical expenses are cheaper by more than half comparing Japan and the US.
Everybody in Japan gets to have insurance. They either buy it themselves or they pay for it through their job. People who can't afford it at all gets picked up by the government having them paying it for them. Insurance a month for a family costs about 200 dollars. For a family in the US, it'd cost them more than a thousand a month and if you can't pay for it then you don't get it. You can go anywhere you want for medical help you don't have to see a primary and then get transfered to another doctor regarding their specialty. The deductible they have to pay is around only 10 dollars while in the US it can be 100 . The costs of everything are kept low by having the prices negotiated every two years. They only have one payment system and the doctors can't change what they want regarding it (Sick Around the World, 2008). With this being said, it can be seen

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