What Is The Impact Of The Affordable Care Act?

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How education will be affected with repeal of ACA for children
Sukainah Al Shahab
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November 11, 2017

Introduction/Overview Affordable Care Act came as a great relief to children. Statistics indicate that more than 95 percent of children are covered by Medicaid (Juan, 2016). On other hand, ACA was like a dream come true for a universal health coverage for children. With ACA, 100 percent of children in USA could be covered in the near future (Juan, 2016). Needless to emphasize, health cover is very important to the general well-being of children. One the areas in child development where ACA …show more content…

Therefore, taking away children medical cover will be the cruelest act ever (Amanda). It is hard for a student to cope with education if they are weighed down by serious medical issues. If anything, their performance will be severely compromised. According to educators, health-related issues have a profound effect on students’ learning. Besides, Dunn shared his experience where he witnessed serous effects on education of an ADHD student who had stay away from school when there was a temporary lapse on his Medicaid coverage.
Effect on cognitive and non-cognitive development According to Leeds who is a professor in Temple University, apart from other negative effects of the repeal, the cognitive as well as non-cognitive development of children can be badly harmed with the repeal (Leeds). Also, public schools are mandated to offer special education to mentally-disabled and physically disabled students (Leeds). Such program get most of its funding from Medicaid. Any effect on Medicaid will mean that school resolve to alternative methods of raising money. The methods might involve raising school fees or taxation whose School superintendents have expressed their concerned about effect of such cuts on extracurricular activities like music, athletics and art. According to Leeds, participating in athletics boost both cognitive and non-cognitive skills.

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