What Is The Relationship Between Culture And Culture

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In human existence, culture and spirituality are two separate subjects yet they overlap. Culture belongs to the human sphere while spirituality has its place in the divine. Culture has either good or bad features; and can only be measured by a standard objective. Spirituality has to do with a person’s position before God. The aim of this essay is to discuss the relationship a Christian is to have with his culture and the standard to judge culture.

Definition of culture
The word culture is used to describe anything that human beings work to achieve. Thus culture is both what we grow and we make, both with our hands and with our minds. It includes our houses, our tools, our cities and towns, our arts, crafts, customs, our games, sports, entertainment, music, literature, and food. It also includes our corporate bodies and institutions like families, churches, and governments; …show more content…

According to Naugle (2010), this group thinks that there are two basic layers of human existence. First is the cultural layer, the God given life of human beings that includes several duties to society. But there is also the spiritual layer of life in Christ that exceeds natural life in culture. Believers must be loyal to both culture and Christ. These two must be considered very serious. Preferring culture over Christ is wrong, just as equating Christ with culture is wrong. The revolutionary demands of Christ and culture must be kept in the here and now. This group considers Christ above culture and that is what makes it different. Christ enters into life from above with gifts like redemption and revelation which men’s wisdom and effort cannot attain on their own. Rather, they are bestowed from above and exceed natural life: hence, Christ above culture. One can see how easy it would be for Christians in this camp to categorized faith and seal it off from regular

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