What It Means To Be Colored Me

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I have my moments. Moments including how I talked talking to myself for straight for twenty minutes straight, ones about how I openly expressinged my opinions to people who who didn’t come to the same conclusions don’t share the same thought as me, and a moment in time where I was able to be friends with everyone in my grade. Just from hearing those three experiences, can you guess what color I am? Here’s a hint: My personality type loves to be carefree, hates to be controlled, and is the color of the Sun. Well, if you couldn’t guess, I am the fun-loving, always optimistic yellow. In addition, I am a very energetic and fun-loving person. For an example:, The the mall. I would go to the mall there with friends or family, and what would happen occured so much that it almost seemed to be routine every time I would go. Like usual, we would shop store to store every store and generally usually just have a good time. But around three to five hours later, when we were all dead from walking, I would still want to keep walking and shopping. I love going out and having a good time, and like most people, I wouldn’t want it to end. This happens quite a lot, like during parties and at hangouts. This also seems to bring out my second main trait which is: My sociability.…show more content…
First of alloff, “The quality of being sociable,” And “Willing to talk and engage in activities with other people; friendly.” And to me, those statements describe me very well. Ever since I was younger, I would never stop talking and never stop being a friendly and smiley kid. Some examples include how I was befriended friends with my whole grade at some points in my school life, and my ability to how I can make friends pretty easily. I mean, it’s only been a week of school and I’ve already made a have a big friend group. I’ve always been that talkative kid, and I believe that just adds that supports onto my bright yellow
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