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Scholarly writing is no different from all other writing, except, beside it having a purpose and having an audience like any other writings, scholarly writing is evidence-based (Laureate Education, 2012). It is important, since the scholar-practitioner write for a specific audience, that his or her material be free of personal opinion, assumption, and bias. When writing a scholarly material, a scholar-practitioner has to be objective in tone, write clearly, concise, produce a mechanically correct writing that contains evidence-based material. Before starting writing, a scholar-practitioner, first would consider the purpose of the writing, then the audience being addressed in the writing. As a Walden student and a …show more content…

Because once the scholar-practitioner found material, it is up to that individual to establish the validity and usefulness of the source (Laureate Education, 2013). The Essential Guide to Online Learning states that “scholarly writing is material written for a specific purpose to a specific audience. It's based on evidence, not assumptions or opinions. It's objective in tone, and the writing is clear, concise, and mechanically correct” (Laureate Education, 2013). For an effective writing, it is necessary that scholar-practitioner write clearly, be concise, and use of precise and appropriate terms to ensure that the writing is mechanically correct as Professor Lilburn Hoehn said, “Figure out what you want to say and just say it” (Laureate Education, 2007). When looking at clarity and concision of writing, I read a post on the difference between Piaget and Erickson developmental theory. After a discussion on points, which set these two theories apart, the writer finally concluded with these statements: “Erikson believed development went beyond the years of development that Piaget focused on. Both theorists’ believed in the importance of developmental stages of younger years of life. Piaget believed development went beyond the younger years of life and went past even into the years of

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