What Makes A Good Leader?

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Introduction I never would have imagined when I started this journey a year ago that I would be so changed in my opinions of what a good leader should be. We began with organizational behavior and the importance of the individual and what motivates them, and how this applies to group cohesiveness. Throughout each module we were given insight by example of how certain types of leadership works and does not work. After eighteen years of working for the same company and being led by several different types of leaders, I hope to combine what I learned through this last year with what is really needed to become an awesome leader. Model the Way Model the Way is the first of the “Five Practices of Extraordinary Leaders” because it sets…show more content…
To get this to happen, your team needs to trust you, know you, and want to do their best for you and this can only be accomplished by having good values and morals. These are the standards you live by and if they are honest, straightforward, and genuine, then your team is more apt to follow. Our third speaker Mike Cox said it so clearly when he spoke about “Never lose your creditability, do not gossip,” and “You are leading up…understand your audience and those you work with” (M. Cox, class presenter, September 28, 2015). Mr. Cox understood and practiced Model the Way by “Setting the example by aligning actions and shared values” (Kouzes, Posner, p. 42). It is easy to get caught up in the world of gossiping, many people do it as a means of being hateful, but then there are those who feel they are giving you advanced warning about someone with bad traits. No one actually knows how they will relate to someone until they spend some time with them. Circumstances often translate into frustration and gossip sometimes begins with a single incident that no one took the time to understand. This is why it is essential to get to know your team. When I inadvertently sent the wrong information on behalf of someone else one day, no one would have known it was me. However, when complaints came in regarding the other person, I did a reply to all and included the
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