What Stops Managers From Implementing Coaching? Essay

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What stops Managers from implementing Coaching?
Coaching literature has proved that indeed coaching is a complex task, that’s why managers may not want to or be willing to practice coaching in their leadership style.
Below are some of the reasons that would show why a manager wouldn’t want to apply coaching in his management.

1. Some traditional skills and qualities that exist in some managers don’t fit with the profile of the coaching manager such as being highly competitive, who faces a problem in listening to others, likes to be in control, finds pleasure in solving problems by himself. The manager may need to go beyond the call of duty, which may require personal change from the manager’s side and in some cases adopting a totally different management style that may be against the manager’s nature (Phillips, 1994); (McComb, 2012).
2. Some managers may see coaching as too time-consuming thus they regard it as less-priority due to their other commitments and responsibilities (McComb, 2012); (Peterson & Little, 2005); (McLean, Yang, Kuo, Tolbert, & Larkin, 2005).
3. Some managers may think that they need to know everything about a certain topic in order to coach their subordinates about this issue and like to be looked at as an expert thus refrain from doing so in order not to show their ignorance of the topic. However, the coach’s role is more of an enabler than someone who has all the answers and knowledge. A manager can still coach his employee and help him to develop

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