What Type Of Orientation Does The Organization Follow? Essay

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1. What is the name of your product?
a. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

i. What organization produces your product?
-Aveeno; a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson
2. What type of orientation does the organization follow?

a. Market Orientation

i. How do you know? Explain your answer.
-According to the MKTG10, “a market orientation is a philosophy that assumes that a sale does not depend on aggressive sales force but rather on a customer’s decision to purchase a product.” (Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel) Marketing orientation is synonymous with the marketing concept which states that the organizations very existence hinges upon the need and wants of their customers. Aveeno has a multitude of products. They have products geared towards babies that are safe to use such as baby wash and lotions which have fewer chemicals, and products for adults that cover a range of skin care needs; i.e. face, hair, body, & sun protection. These products are made more for individuals who may have sensitive skin and prefer products with more natural ingredients. With their many products and their use of natural ingredients, they are attempting to satisfy the needs and wants of their diverse customers. Where there is a need for skin care, Aveeno will find it.

3. What type of competitive advantage doe the product/organization have?

a. Product Differentiation Competitive Advantage

i. How do you know? Explain your answer.
-Product differentiation competitive advantage is when a company

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