What World will We Leave Our Children? Essay

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The United States economy is an economy based on consumerism. It is a place where technology has imposed Itself, where the unrestricted accessibility has allowed for mass communication to hit the highest point it has ever been at.The media ubiquity although indispensable for communication, has proven to be a little defective. The flaw lies in part content that is being transmitted to the audiences, it is lamentable that such a beautiful creation is destroyed by parties that are not frank about their intentions with their audience. Communication is an essential part of our daily lives but it is taking its toll on our younger generation. It is undeniable that our society is saturated with media, perhaps too suffocating at times. …show more content…

James McNeil,a market researcher who specializes in children's market says that in 1999 alone children took in 31.3 billion in income and spent 92 percent of it. It manipulates children and affect their behavior, influences they're likes and dislikes. It is simply detrimental to them. Mass media has a negative impact on our children and teenagers. Besides television viewing, other technology-assisted communication have profound impacts. Everyday more and more kids are seeing violence and inappropriate behavior as normal. The National Center for Biotechnology Information Advances reports that the average child sees 12,000 violent acts on television annually including many depictions of murder and rape. Studies have demonstrated that heavy doses of television contributes to more aggressive behavior while others link TV or newspaper publicity of suicides to an increased suicide risk. Younger individuals are exposed to explicit material on a daily basis. Social networks can make bullying easier, sexting is at the click of a button, that could affect and depression.. Mass media communication through technology has brought 7 billion people together. It is not erroneous to say that this is an incredible achievement but uncontrolled exposure to it

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