What are the steps an employer should take to develop and implement its policy regarding employment-at-will?

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If you were the HR staffing manager for an organization, what guidelines might you recommend regarding oral and written communication with the job applicants by members of the organization? To begin with, I would communicate the different roles that we play. I would inform the staff that HR is responsible for setting the process, policies and procedures and clarify management’s role as well. Manager’s roles would be defined along the lines of submitting the request for a position to be filled, providing information to HR so that they can establish criteria for jobs to be filled and taking part in face to face interviews. Managers should also be informed that the final decision of whom to hire is theirs.
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This would not be likely to happen, if managers were free to conduct their own staffing activities. The consistency of staffing processes is absolutely critical given the magnitude of the legal consequences which may result for failure to comply with laws and regulations.

In developing a report on the effectiveness of the staffing process being conducted for entry-level jobs, what factors would you address in such a

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