What 's The Point If We Can 't Have Fun?

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David Graeber, wrote “What’s the Point if We Can’t Have Fun?” for The Baffler and he eloquently uses several rhetorical devices. These devices are used to convey the idea that Science can not quite seem to prove. Do animals play? Or are we personifying these Animals behaviors? Graeber presents some research on this topic, but rather than repeating facts he uses his rhetorical tools to expand on the ideas presented. The tools he used could be categorized into logos, pathos, and ethos. Although some of these tools do not quite fit into one category, or they fit into two. This shows expert writing, and proper use of the rhetorical tools. For instance scientific research is essentially logos, but at the same time it is used as ethos, appealing to someone who knows more than you, the reader. Metaphor, and imagery can all be related to pathos, these rhetorical tools help us to relate via emotion. These are just a few examples of the tools that he uses to convey his ideas in this article. A rhetorical tool that is used in this article has already been referenced, scientific research. He references experts in the field new and old, experts such as Charles Darwin, and Herbert Spencer. By doing this he appeals to a higher authority on the topic of animals and whether they play or not. He consistently refers to previous research done by a third party. It keeps him grounded in a factual basis so he can discuss his ideas. The research is complimented by another tool, metaphor. He

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