What’s Better? AT&T or Other Mobile Companies? Essay

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What’s Better? AT&T or Other Mobile Companies?

“What’s better, bigger or smaller”; the answer is simple, bigger. To answer that elementary question, AT&T hired elementary students to express the ease that should come with choosing their network. With a new spin on the technique used for the commercial, AT&T designed and created an ad utilizing a combination of many elements. The basic parody in which the, “Its Not Complicated” commercial series was designed around, involves an anchor, a young, sophisticated adult man, who interacts with children on a basic level; asking questions such as, “What’s better a big tree house, or a small tree house?” Through the educational setting, which was strategically established to develop an
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A significant aspect of the commercial involves a soliloquy from one of the children who rambles about a flat screen TV within his “ideal tree house”, is supporting the established level of wealth. The age of the children who are participating with this mini-interview are important to pay attention to because it is another supporting factor of that target audience within the commercial; Parents who have young children, or kids their age, specifically who are middle/upper class, based on previous cues. Most likely, if a family consists of older kids who already have phones, and the family does not use AT&T as their carrier, no interest would take place in the ad. Since young children, specifically the age of the ones in the commercial, do not have phones yet, their parents are being directed at to choose AT&T for their family to grow up with and eventually pass on to their children. Once there are more cues established to specify the target audience, which is assumed based on: wealth, directing the commercial to a specific class level, the element of an “average family” and a direction of the ad
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