When Abibatou Diallo Was First Starting School, Her Name

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When Abibatou Diallo was first starting school, her name stopped being so hard to pronounce. Her name stopped being what she identified at all. Her teacher took her name and with no objections from Abibatou began calling her Abby. Thinking about being called Abibatou, just fills Abby with a weird feeling now. Not a single person has called her by her full name in such a long time, that it no longer holds any meaning to her. Abby’s name is just one example of how she has been forced to become Americanized since she began her education. You see Abby is African born through and through. She has the richest brown skin, deepest brown eyes, and kinkiest black hair. She is the epitome of African beauty, curves and all. It is a shame that since …show more content…

Abby strongly believes that if her life was switched she would not be the reserved anti-social bookworm that she is. She would not have devoted mostly all her time to school work. She would have lived just a little bit more. Abby managed to be in gifted classes from first grade all the way through high school. When entering high school, she took advanced placement classes almost every year, and ended up becoming valedictorian of her class. School was her life, it was what she was brought to America to do. School was what was ingrained within her that she had to do, because it would be selfish if she did not. There was so much pressure to succeed, for her sister was not given the opportunities that she had received. Abby has never struggled with school, she has always been a gifted student. She loves to write, she loves to read, she loves school, but she did not like all the underlying pressure that was imposed upon her.
If you knew Abby you could see that who she was, was more than just being a student. While a dimple filled smile that reached ear to ear, and a bubbly spirit, it is hard to not want to be her friend. This may be why she is so frustrated with spending so much time on school. She never had a lot of time to show people her true colors. She was always too busy writing. As mad as Abby can be for not getting that true social aspect she wanted, it is subsided with her pure love for writing. It has always just been

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