When Grilling Is Wrong

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It is human nature to make mistakes. Some cannot be prevented, and are not likely to cause a problem anyway, however culinary bloopers can have serious results. Some mean that your food may just not taste good, others could potentially mean a trip to the hospital. What an awful way to end a great day! In this article I will list the most common for you, then find you some great prices in the Weber Grill Sale!!

A few simple precautions, however, can turn a disaster waiting to happen into the best BBQ in the neighbourhood.

Meat should be completely thawed before grilling. Missing this step can mean that the meat is not cooked through, even though its been on the grill for the correct time, and any bacteria present will not have been killed. Always remove meat from your …show more content…

Using lighter fluid is the fastest way of getting a grill under way, but it can, and often does, taint the flavour of the food. Far better then to use a lighter chimney to start the coals off, this can be lit with firelighters made from screwed up newspaper, very quick, clean and no fuel taste in your food! Try not to poke the meat about when its cooking. Any holes that you make will allow juices to run out, making the meat dry, your grill will get greasy and messy quicker and flare ups will occur more often. Once cooking is under way, try not to open the lid too often, the temperature inside will fluctuate rapidly and the meat will not be cooked as well or as speedily. This can also cause the food to become dry as you release steam each time you peer in. High heat is not always best, it can make the food tastier to use slightly less coals and leave the cooking longer, maybe even a tray of water amongst the coals, this often makes the meat more succulent as it hasn't been roasted till its

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