When I Was In Middle School, My Ambition Was To Become

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When I was in middle school, my ambition was to become a renowned author, like J. K. Rowling. Since that time, my academic focus has changed but my interest in story crafting and written reflection remains a part of my life. Creative fiction is where most of my writing ambitions lie. I enjoy the process of building fictitious world, characters, and scenarios, although, unfortunately, I have not yet found a story I am passionate enough about to turn into a long-term project. In high school and my first semester of college I have been exposed to more different styles of writing both through the given writing assignments and the books I have read. One of my biggest struggles when writing essays is making them compact, concise, and on topic.…show more content…
In high school, I elected to take an extra English class junior year because I hoped to improve upon my writing and analysis skills from the previous years. My favorite class that year was my Shakespeare class. In that class, we read, acted out, wrote about, and watched productions of four Shakespeare plays. The class was very small and our final project was to mesh two of the plays together and perform the resulting one act. In general, the writing required for that class was not classical essay writing, but was creative based and focused on play script themes. Since this was a relatively new medium for me, it was a bit more of a challenge than writing a standard essay. It was, however, closely linked to my summer experience in middle school many years prior. Through my work in theater, as an actress in elementary and middle school and as a behind the scenes crew member in high school, I was familiar with scripts and how they convey plot and context almost exclusively through dialogue. The Shakespeare class and my other creative writing related classes in high school were pushed me out of my writing comfort zone while allowing me to think creatively.
As anyone who has ever taken an English class knows, the backbone of most writing courses is a classical essay, with prescribed structures and a thesis
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