When It Comes To My Reasoning For Entering The Teaching

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When it comes to my reasoning for entering the teaching profession, I think it stems from my own experiences within American schools. I have had profound teachers who have inspired and motivated me to continue to work towards preserving the ideas and beliefs that strengthen education. On the other hand, I have had subpar teachers who have influenced me to teach for alternate reasons. They have shown me that reform and change are needed to bring our education system back to the top, and I would love nothing more than to play a role in that transformation. While they may be contradicting ideas, the great, and the not so great, teachers in my past have pushed me to enter the teaching profession.
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This camp was primarily sports-based, but interaction with campers was a part of my everyday routine. Coaching and counseling came with the task of effectively communicating and working with parents and guardians. I learned that working with these individuals is crucial to the overall success of the student athlete.

3. In regards to my experiences related to work with children in school, like many other of my peers, I have completed field placement work at local schools. I have served at Scott High School and Otsego High School. While completing both of these placements, I worked directly with a supervising teacher to accomplish tasks in the classroom. I began by simply observing and watching, but as I grew more comfortable, I was able to teach a few mini-lessons. While at Otsego, I worked 1-on-1 with students who were struggling with reading and writing. It was extremely rewarding to directly see the impact I was making on these students.

4. I have been involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities while in college. I currently hold two on-campus positions. I work as an attendant at the Perry Field House assisting with the daily operations of the facility. I have worked here since August of 2016. I also work as a P.E.A.K. Peer Advisor for the Office of Pre-Major and Academic Planning. For this position, I hold weekly office hours to meet with students who are seeking assistance. I often times help students, largely freshmen and undecided students, with creating

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