When Worlds Collide: Differences Between Creation And Evolution

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When Worlds Collide
God said “Let there be light”. That is the most known line from the bible that starts a large controversy against science, and has been debated among people for decades. The best way to find this information is to go directly to the source.
Creation occurred in what was said to be seven days. In day one God created light, though the source of light was not specified. Next, the separation of light, more commonly known as night and day. On the second day God created a firmament that separated two spaces from each other, and it was called heaven. On the third day God created land to separate the oceans, along with earth vegetation. On the fourth day Measurements of time were made for days, weeks, months, seasons, and years for the light to shine on the earth. The lights are the sun the moon and the stars. On the fifth day God created sea creatures and flying creatures and allowed them to reproduce. On the sixth day God created land animals such as cattle and
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Creation and evolution have different time time perception. The creation time period takes place within seven days. While the evolution time period takes place in the time of several billion years. Some sources say that the time that took place in the time of creation is equal to the time in evolution because the Bible does not specifically state how long a day or week was. When the universe was created it in the bible, God was the creator but in the books it has no specific creator, or reason. Creation is a belief because there is no scientific evidence and cannot be tested, but Evolution has scientific evidence and can be tested. The belief of creation is just called creationism, and the belief in the theory is called atheism. In the bible it says that the earth is created, but it does not state that other planets or the entire universe was created. In Evolution it says that the entire universe was created at once and is ever
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