Where Would We Be Without Technology Essay

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Where would we be without technology? Technology is one of the most important tools that drives society. Technology is defined as a tool, discovery or invention that makes day-to-day tasks easier. An example of this is one of humanity’s first and instrumental discoveries: the discovery of fire. Equally important is the invention of farming. Yet perhaps the most important invention of all is the invention of steam power. Each of these inventions or discoveries impacted society in a positive and important way. These three innovations throughout human history are prime examples of how the evolution of technology can benefit society in many ways.
The discovery of fire had a colossal effect on society in the stone ages and throughout all of human history, including modern day. The discovery of fire, through random chance or by possibly knowing the potential benefits that fire provided, was the starting point which helped humans evolve alongside this new technology. The technological advantages that fire provided was an invaluable aid to human lives. It helped man stay warm, keep away dangerous animals, and most importantly cook food.

The ability to stay warm in harsh environments provided a clear advantage for the human race that it never would have had without the discovery of how to make fire. Staying warm helped to detour colds, viruses and other cold related illnesses, including what is now known as snow blindness and frost bite. Fire provided humans with one of the

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