Whispering Pines Can Improve How Business Is Conducted

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Whispering Pines can improve how business is conducted. By assessing the structure, systems, shared values, style, staff and skills of the company it allows us to assess what is currently being done and what needs to be done. Strategy The strategy is to assess what is going on with Withering Pines. The financial information and business model need to be looked at. (Joyner, Frantz & Crane, n.d, P.59). The business tends to be surviving on donations (Joyner, Frantz & Crane, n.d, P.59). Structure The hierarchy of Whispering Pines is a board. This board currently consists of four people although it states that there needs to be twelve. They also must be members of the society of friends. It is stated that in the board, there is a director and…show more content…
The board and manager seam cooperative although it does seem like a challenge to them because they have been operating like this for some time. Staff There are four board members, one full time manager and four to six-part time employees with one person being at Whispering Pines at a time. There needs to be eight more board members because they only have four out of the twelve that they need in the bylaws. None of the board members have a background in business and do not know how to run Whispering Pines. She did not prepare a detailed list each month showing the date and amounts of rent payments from each resident. She purchased all the groceries at a local market with a debit card so the funds were automatically deducted from the Whispering Pines account. Gail reconciled the checkbook on her own at the end of each month and provided Marge with the totals of the account. Skills The strongest skills represented within Withering Pines is that they are doing what they can to keep Whispering Pines running although they are afraid that Whispering Pines may be in serious trouble. It appears that are losing money with the business model and surviving on donations, but can’t be sure. The skill gap is that none of the board members have a background in business (Joyner, Frantz & Crane, n.d, P.59). The current full time employee Gail seems to be
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