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Who is man? Yet what is man? That one can think so highly of himself to be the oracle of God’s word. To justify or to exempt the truths of the Word that manifested Him in the flesh to dwell among all men of the earth. (1 Tim. 3:16, John 1:1-14 KJV) It is true that God’s way of thinking is not the way a man thinks. For His thoughts are above His own creation, not to be misconstrued as a King without mercy however, it is within the mercy and grace of The King to grant such wisdom to be penned for the human population as guidance and instruction to obtain wisdom from His Son.(2 Tim. 3:16 ,Isaiah 40:8, Psalms 119:105 KJV) Howbeit for those that have convened in council form under the direction of the Holy Spirit and to prayerfully discern the …show more content…

Paul gave the words that when man sees things impossible; God can do all things that are possible. Therefore, by God utilizing men that may have not been rightly in a relationship with Him should not be the focus but to understand these men in fact were used for the outcome for His glory. For a brief moment in Church History consider Marcion. “It is perhaps the case that Marcion is best known for texts he re-wrote, rather than for his own original theological compositions. However, even within his re-writing of texts that later became part of a collection now known as the New Testament, in the very process of omitting certain texts, selecting others and reframing the contents within those texts, much of his theological agenda becomes apparent. Marcion selected a group of texts which he saw as exemplifying his own belief in the disjunction between the evil creator God of the Jewish scriptures, and the previously unknown God revealed through Jesus Christ.” Marcion firmly believed that the Gospel of Luke and Paul’s epistles held the knowledge of Christianity by his own understanding. By doing so Macrion disregarded the very words of Paul as a warning, it is no great thing for Satan to transform his demons into ministers of righteousness. His actions he believed was “reconciling Christianity to its Jewish heritage was in fact striping the Hebrew Roots

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