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Who is man? Yet what is man? That one can think so highly of himself to be the oracle of God’s word. To justify or to exempt the truths of the Word that manifested Him in the flesh to dwell among all men of the earth. (1 Tim. 3:16, John 1:1-14 KJV) It is true that God’s way of thinking is not the way a man thinks. For His thoughts are above His own creation, not to be misconstrued as a King without mercy however, it is within the mercy and grace of The King to grant such wisdom to be penned for the human population as guidance and instruction to obtain wisdom from His Son.(2 Tim. 3:16 ,Isaiah 40:8, Psalms 119:105 KJV) Howbeit for those that have convened in council form under the direction of the Holy Spirit and to prayerfully discern the books that bear witness of the Father’s Will as the New Testament (Cannon) was deemed to befitting the King. Yet is it feasible to conclude that these men were of God? With God at the center of their hearts to give such instruction or rendering the Word to His people? Christians understand the truth sometimes as a single, consistent vision, expanding only as it gains increasingly precise insights, the result of the church being forced to counter deliberate perversions of that truth. Christians, however, understand the truth sometimes, as that which the church seeks to discover in the context of ever-changing circumstances and new challenges. Therefore, by proceeding one must come and reason that how God did certain maneuvers to provide…

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