Who Is The Antagonist In The Diary Of Anne Frank

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The Diary of Anne Frank authored by Anne Frank, an autobiographical memoir, about a juvenile girl who goes into hiding in Amsterdam with her family that have characteristic traits like the reader. Headmost, Anne’s mom, Edith, has a characteristic trait of being a chatter box like her younger daughter. Next, Anne’s dad, Otto, is good natured. Finally, Anne’s sister, Margot, is a miniature mouse who does not consume any food.
Foremost, Anne’s mom has a characteristic trait of being very wordy like her daughter. For example, when Anne is at the dinner table, she notices her mother having a, “Good appetite, very talkative” (101). Anne’s mother is very talkative because it is in her nature because she is a girl as Anne demonstrates to her teacher. Edith also has a good appetite unlike her older daughter
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For instance, when Anne is describing the members of the secret annexe, she comes across Margot and it depicts her eating , “Like a little mouse and doesn’t talk at all” (101). Margot is described as a small mouse because she barely eats any food and does not pay attention to nothing but filling her small stomach. Anne thinks her sister has the appetite of a small mouse because compared to the other residents of the secret annexe she eats less than half of everyone else. Hence, Margot has the appetite of a mouse because she scarcely devours any food.
To reiterate, The Diary of Anne Frank depicts Anne’s family members as having characteristic traits like the reader and the writer. Anne Frank informs the reader to know that some people have different characteristic traits and that makes people who they are. Like Otto Frank, Nate, in the Candy Shop Wars is, good-natured and makes sure everybody at the club, is enjoying themselves before going himself, making him the perfect host. I do not like this book because it has no action in it and recommend it to no one. However, one has to read it in one’s
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